puja Services

Pooja DescriptionTemple Metro **Out side
Aayusha Homam$151$201$2512:00AyushyaHomam materials 
Abhishekam – Individual sponsored Balaji/ Shiva$175  2:00Abhishekham (Shiva and Balaji), Individual and Temple materialsDevotees needs provide the Vastrams
Abhishekam – Temple Sponsored Balaji/ Shiva$31  3:00Abhishekham (Shiva and Balaji), Individual and Temple materialsTemple provides vastrams
Aksharabhyasam$101$151$2011:30Aksharabhyasam Materials 
Archana (chanting 108 names + arthi)$21  0:15N/A 
Archana Sahasranama$51  0:30Archana_Sahasranama Archana Materials 
Kalyanam – Temple Sponsored$51  3:00Kalyanotsavam Samagri MaterialsTemple provides vastrams
Kalyanam Balaji/Shiva – Individual Sponsored$201$351$5013:00Kalyanotsavam Samagri MaterialsDevotees need to get God/Godess vastrams,
non perishable items will be suplied by HTSM
Devotees to bring flowers, fruits, milk and etc.
Contact the priest for more info
Bhoomi Pooja $175$2752:00BhumiPoojaMaterials 
Chandi Path/homam temple$151 $201 $301 3:00Chandi Homam materials 
Ekanta Seva$51  0:30Ekantha Seva materials 
Ganapathi Pooja$101$151$2011:00Ganesh Puja materials 
Griha Shanthi $201$3012:00Griha Shanti materials 
Gruhapravesam & S. N Puja  $251$3254:00GruhaPraveshamWithSatyaNarayanaPoojaMaterials 
Hair Offering (45 minutes)/ Chaula [First hair cut) Mundan$101  0:45Kesakandana Samagri materials 
Homa/Havan Ganapathi, Nava graha & etc $151$201$2511:30Homam (Havan) Samagri materials 
Inauguration of New Business $225$2752:00NewBusinessInaugurationMaterials 
Namakaranam Pooja$101$151$2511:00NamaKaranamMaterials 
Navagraha Pooja$125$175$2512:00Navagraha Pooja Samagri materials 
Nischithartham [Engagement]$175$225$3252:00Engagement Samagri materialsCommunity hall charges will be extra
Punyaham/ Punyavachanam $151$2511:00PunyahaVachanamMaterials 
Sashtiabdapoorty [60th Birthday]$351$401$5013:00Shashtipoorthi materialsCommunity hall charges will be extra
Satyanarayana Pooja (Private) $151$201$2752:00SatyaNarayanaPooja materials 
Satyanarayana Pooja community sponsored (Samuhika)$51  2:00SatyaNarayanaPooja materials 
Seemantham (Baby Shower)$101$151$2512:00SeemanthamPooja materialsCommunity hall charges will be extra
Tarpan $101   Tarpanam materials 
Tulasi Vivaaham$101   Tulsi Vivah materials 
Upanayanam $201$251$3514:00UpanayanamPooja MaterialsCommunity hall charges will be extra
Anjayaneya Vada Maala $51  1:00Anjaneya Vadamala Pooja materials 
Vehicle Inauguration Pooja/ Vahana pooja$51  0:30Car Puja Materials 
Anjaneya Venna (Butter) Alankaram $125   2:00Anjaneya Venna Alankaram for materials 
Vidhyarambham Pooja$101$151$2511:30Vidhyarambam Puja materialsDevotees need to bring butter
Vivaham$351$401$5015:00N/ACommunity hall charges will be extra