Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees are elected by life members of HTSM to their respective positions. Board members serve a three-year term, and one third of the board is elected every year.

The Board of Trustees for 2016 are as follows:

Chairman: Mr. Veera Vasamsetti

Vice Chairman: Dr. K. Indira Rao
Phone: 601-927-8598

Treasurer:Mr. Sunil S Desai
Phone: 601-506-0228

Secretary: Dr. Ramesh Maddali

Joint Treasurer:Mr.Dinesh Patel

Joint Secretary:  Mr.Rajesh Vanga
Phone: 601-832-1513

Religious Chair: Mr. Ragunath Reddy
Phone: 601-291-8761


Dr. Kumari Gutti
Phone: 662-417-3641
Mrs. Udaya Shivangi
Phone: 601-260-1679
Mrs. Aruna Nayyar
Phone: 601-826-9932
Mr. Suresh Patel
Phone: 601-955-6616
Mr. Hitesh Desai
Phone: 601-421-5427

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